Things we love:

We love the privacy and feeling of a “family compound.”

angeled bookcase entry.jpg

Unlike a more recent contemporary style, this house has warmth and features in common with a cozier, more traditional home. Visitors often reference Frank Lloyd Wright.




The Japanese garden was created over the past 18 years. It is an abundant mix of indigenous and rare shade tolerant perennial plantings, and artfully pruned trees.




I love building fires in our fire pit outside – it feels like camping on the edge of the forest. The environment has inspired so much of my sculptural work.



We enjoy the Norwalk Islands and have been kayaking as a family for many years. Calf Pasture is the greatest place to launch. The park behind the Silvermine Elementary School has wonderful access to the Silvermine River, tennis courts, vast fields and a vibrant community playground.

open floor plan.jpg


This has been a great party house. People roam throughout. So interesting to watch because it is not the usual everyone hanging out in the kitchen area.


The brook is the most delightful sound.