Designed and installed (2006) by Bruce Reinheimer, Tate & Associates, Landscape Architects. Complete plans available. Maintained by All American Landscape (Tom Adino, Owner)


Fully fenced yard:

  • double wooden 15' gates (electric opener mechanism is in garage)
  • wood fence on south side
  • restacked stone from original Burr Farm at front (east side)
  • chain-link fence on north side
  • wood fence between front and back yards on south side with: Pool-Safe entry gate under Clematis and Rose covered arbor + large access gate for equipment (lawn cutting, etc)
  • wood fence between front and back yards on north side with: Pool-Safe entry gate with stone path to In-Law Suite French doors + 8' deer fencing on east and north sides keep deer out

Two vehicle visitor parking 

  • flagstone pathways from driveway and visitor parking to front door 
  • removable aluminum wheelchair ramp with anti skid ridged surface. Aluminum surface melts snow fast and sheds water on contact
  • six aluminum wheelchair ramps from driveway provide access to stone pathways, side door and back yard
  • firewood storage rack stores 1/2 face cord of firewood


Flower garden with blossoms from spring to fall. In blooming order:

Daffodils, Azalea, Andromeda (several varieties), Lacothea, Periwinkle, Dalinthis, Lilacs, Miss Kim Lilacs, Wagelia, Mountain Laurel, Garden Phlox, Rhododendron (several varieties), Clematis, Iris, Hydrangea, Day Lilies, Spirea Little Princess, Spirea Gold Mound, Roses (several varieties), Salvia, Black Eyed Susan, China Girl Holly

Other Shrubs: Boxwood, Hollies, Viburnum, Black Niger Grass

Plantings (Trees):

  • Snow Fountain Cherry*
  • Dawn Redwood (Meta Sequoia)
  • Pin Oak
  • Kousa Dogwood*
  • Native Dogwood*
  • Tulip (Yellow Poplar)
  • Chokecherry 

       * flowering tree

Garden Sculptures:

  • wire "Milk Delivery Bike"
  • wire "Victorian Birdcage"
  • metal birdbath with Patina finish
  • metal "Armillary Sphere & Copernicus Globe"
  • fiberglass "Granite Garden Rock" cover for propane tank head


  • Two 500 gallon linked underground propane tanks (1998 & 2006) with fill top covered with fiberglass "Granite Garden Rock" cover
  • Generac 20kw generator (2010) (propane fed with direct link to tanks) which powers full house except for 3 (of 4) air conditioners, elevator, ovens, hot tub + pool
  • Underground conduit for 400A electric service, cable and phone lines from Garage to utility pole (2010)
  • 10 zone landscape lighting below plants and up above in tree (controls in Living room)(2007)
  • 17 zone Irrigation System for front & back yard (controls in Garage)(2006)
  • Rustic lamp mounted on gate side pine tree with photocell on/off at has power outlet for additional electrical needs (eg electric gate opener)


Fully fenced yard:

  • chain-link fence on north, west and south side with  8' deer fencing attached 
  • wood fence between front and back yards on south side with: Clematis and Rose covered arbor with Pool-Safe entry gate +large access gate for equipment (lawn cutting, etc) with Pool-Safe lock
  • wood fence between front and back yards on north side with pool-safe entry gate with stone path to In-Law Suite French door
  • west facing yard gets afternoon sun and beautiful sunsets (especially in fall)
  • lot slopes away from the house in all directions, a huge plus for drainage issues 
  • 10 zone  landscape lighting below plants and up above in tree (controls in Great room)
  • trees at perimeter give privacy 

  Professionally landscaped yard with three levels

      A) street level with house side door access and access to deck. 

      B) patio level with lower level walkout with access to deck 

      C) lower level with pool, tennis court and tree house

  Steps to Patio:

  • Bluestone path connects arbor, rear door from house and stairs from deck
  • Bluestone shallow terraced steps lead from street level and garden entry down to the patio - stairs are lined with roses, rhododendron, azalea, and spiraea + have brass bellflower lights in Patina finish controlled by landscape lighting system


19' x 26' patio has irregular flagstone on stone dust which permits water to flow through and provides a smooth flat surface; side walls are made of New England Fieldstone

Access via:

  • steps from yard entrance and mudroom
  • steps from deck (by hot tub)
  • French doors to games room
  • path from In-Law Suite Basement French doors
  • stairs from pool deck 

Circular rough cut granite firepit with lava rock logs has 100k BTU gas burner and push button quick-start lighting. Perfect for when you want a fire fast but heat is not a concern. When seeking warmth from the fire, overlay the copper firepit with safety screen and burn wood for a real campfire ambiance. Firewood holder and pit sized implements are provided. 

Two 1500w, 220v, Solaira Quartz infrared heat lamps add about 15F degrees of heat to take the chill away. Variable intensity switch in Games room. Perfect for when you need a little heat but don't want to light a fire. 

Outdoor speakers are wired to controls in the games room

Path from Patio to In-Law Suite and from In-law Suite to (north) side gate:

Starting with landing outside door of irregular flagstone on concrete, the 3' path of regular cut flagstone (set on concrete) heads to the side gate or winds below hot tub to connect to patio  

backyard oasis.jpg

Stairs from Patio to Pool:

Scarlet O'Hara stone staircase is made of New England Fieldstone with Bluestone treads. Stairs have Brass Bellflower lights in Patina finish controlled by landscape lighting system.

Walkway from Patio to Pool: 

 3' wide path made of regular cut flagstone set in concrete between New England Fieldstone retaining walls zig-zigs from patio to pool level. Connects with path between Pool Deck and Garden Shed. Walkway meets ADA requirement for wheelchairs (1 foot of travel for each one inch of height). Lit with 7 solar powered pathway lights.


  • 40' x 20' Gunite pool with built in stairs in shallow end and climb out platform in deep end.
  • 58' x 40' Bluestone decking
  • 3' retaining wall of New England Field stone
  • diving board (with adjustable mount to control springiness) in 10'  deep end
  • 2 500w under-water lights for night swimming
  • electric retractable walk-on pool cover (2012)
  • Pool Equipment Enclosure houses all pool equipment and has water outlet if needed for garden   

Garden Shed - connected from the pool by a 3' wide irregular flagstone path, this Kloter Farms 10' Mini Barn is perfect for storing pool and tennis court equipment. Contains:

  • Pool skimmer poles
  • Pool vacuum (unused)
  • Pool winter cover
  • Pool cover pump (with 2nd for backup)
  • Pool lounge mats (6) with stand
  • Lobster electric tennis ball machine
  • Camouflaged sports net hangs from treehouse. Use to practice golf, archery, baseball

Tennis Court:

  • Built by Oval Tennis
  • Asphalt court with shock absorbing upper layer dries within hours of rain and can be used all year
  • End nets eliminate long searches for balls lost in the landscaping 

Two level Tree House:

  • Professionally maintained
  • Coated with weather proof stain
  • Lower level ("main deck") has entrance via steps, rectangular area with side rails, quick escape opening with fall proof netting (net is repurposed authentic Vietnam War helicopter drop net rated to lift 5,000 lbs)
  •  Upper level ("crow's nest) has entrance via ladder, triangular area with side rails, trap door, captain's bell

Garden Sculptures:

  • Custom designed hand made  "Fleur de Lis" arbor set in cement in sitting cove by Pool Deck (Italian Bench is not included)
  • Pair of tall bronze "Standing and Preening Cranes" statues in Patina finish are made in  the classic Lost Wax casting method. Feet are locked into metal brackets set in a concrete base set into the ground
  • Bronze "Ducks in Flight" statue in Patina finish are made in the classic Lost Wax casting method. 
  • Thai "Teak Root" chair is coated with weatherproof coating
  • Metal two level birdbath
  • Cast iron "Rooster"
  • Recycled metal "blue fish"
  • Three solar powered glass garden rods
  • "Venus De Milo" garden sculpture
  • Metal "Copernicus Globe"
  • Oversized fiberglass clamshell  
  • Eight glass celestial spikes
  • Wrought iron finial
  • Green Victorian garden gazing ball and stand 

  NOT included:

  • "Bear Salmon Fishing" Statue
  • "Sun" wall hanging on deck
  • "Birds" wall hanging on house 


  • 10 wrought iron wide mouthed  Roman planters (on Patio and Pool wall)
  • 2 wrought iron Roman Urns (on Patio)
  • 2 large square copper coated planters
  • 2 medium square copper coated planters
  • 2 large round copper coated planters
  • 2 small  round copper coated planters
  • Italian planter on column

  NOT included: 

  • long copper planters (on deck)
  • ceramic planters (on deck)
  • urn base & granite table top (on patio)

Backyard Plantings (Shrubs):

Flower garden with blossoms from spring to fall. In blooming order:

 Azalea, Deciduous Azalea ("Northern Lights"), Andromeda, Periwinkle, Myrtle, Dutsia, Viburnum (4 varieties), Lilacs, Enkianthus, Climbing Honeysuckle, Dianthus, Mountain Laurel, Climbing Hydrangea, Rhododendron, Astilbe (5 varieties), Clematis (3 varieties), Hydrangea, Lilies, Spirea Little Princess, Roses (several varieties), Variegated Hosta, Sweet Spice, Rose of Sharon (2 varieties), Coreopsis Moon Beam, Black Eyed Susan, Euonymus Fortunei 

Other Shrubs:

Boxwood, Blue Rug Ground Juniper, Pachysandra, Bird Nest Blue Spruce, English Ivy

Plantings (Trees):

  • Sugar Maple
  • Kousa Dogwood
  • Japanese Green Maple
  • Spruce
  • Canadian Hemlock
  • Pepperidge (Tree House)
  • Red Maple
  • Norway Spruce

Wild Animals commonly seen (attracted to garden plants):

Butterflies, Rabbits, Chipmunks , Squirrels, Deer (baby, fawn, doe, buck), Barn Swallows, Blue Heron, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chickadees, Crows, Fiches, Hummingbirds, Morning Doves Nut Hatch, Orioles, Owls, Red Tail Hawks, Robins, Sparrows, Starling, Wild Turkeys, Wood Cock, Wood Thrush, Woodpeckers (Pileated & Downy)


  • 2000 gallon septic system installed by Lauterbach Inc (1998). Leaching fields run across back yard. See survey for detail.
  • Extensive underground drainage system featuring curtain drains for pool and tennis court feed  three  14' concrete gravel filled rechargers that collect runoff water. Details on drawings by Tate & Associates, Landscape Architects.
  • 10 zone  landscape lighting below plants and up above in tree, and in Pool Deck (controls in great room) (2007)
  • 17 zone Irrigation system for front & back yard (controls in Garage)(2006)
  • Underground gas lines feed pool heater, fire pit, and BBQ propane from tanks in front yard