Why We Love Living Here

Over the almost 20 years we lived here, we've molded our house into a home focused on comfort and enjoyment. Features we enjoyed most, some of which are small, but it's often the little things that make the biggest difference:

Starting the day with a run on the street; then jump into a hot steam shower with heated floors & grabbing a towel from the heated towel bars. It’s a wonderful feeling.

          Food preparation becomes part of the                     entertainment experience, not a chore.

We love to cook for ourselves and our friends. The integrated kitchen and open floor plan accommodates lots of people and allows people to spread out, and weather permitting, flow onto the deck, patio and yard. The kitchen, with it top end gourmet appliances, was designed by the previous owner, a professional chef, and is highly functional.

    The   backyard   is our favorite spot.  There are so                                many things to do!

   The backyard is our favorite spot.  There are so                                many things to do!

Take the wide stone stairs or the stone ramp to the down to the heated gunite pool. There’s an electric cover on the pool, which is good for safety, heat retention and keeping the pool clean.   You can swim, play around in the water, or lounge on the deck. The deep end is over 9’ deep & is well lit at night at night. 

 The tennis court has a regulation sized playing area with nets on both sides to catch strays. The nets are especially useful if you are using the ball machine which is not only great for practice but one hell of a workout.

There is a two level tree house with a net cocoon to jump into and exit the tree house from. The net is a remnant of the Vietnam War. It was a cargo net used by helicopters to pick up and transport goods. It had a US Army capacity rating of 5000 lbs when it was in service. The kids loved playing in it.

We have carefully planned for an amazing landscaped yard.  We have hundreds of perennial shrubs, which flower in turn so that from spring to fall the garden always has flowers.

The entire property is fenced which was a necessity for the pool but also became a necessity to prevent the deer from eating our beautiful flowers and to keep young kids or four legged family members safe and protected.

Outdoor dining.jpg

We love to eat and particularly enjoy eating outside the most. All summer, we eat on the deck. It is just steps from the kitchen and the BBQ. If the sun is a bit strong, or if it starts to drizzle half way through the meal, just press a button and the large awning will provide cover. If you find the air getting a bit chilly, you don't need to go in or put on a sweater, just press another button and the two adjustable heat lamps will provide instant warmth. It's all about comfort.  After dinner, you can go down one of two stairs to the stone patio below and sit around the fire and sip a glass of wine. 

outdoor firepit.jpg

There are two fire pits on the patio. On top is a copper fire-pit with a spark cover, a must, for burning wood. There is a wood rack next to it, and a set of giant fireplace tools, for those who don't like to get their knuckles roasted. Nothing beats wood for smell and heat. But, let's be honest, it takes time and effort. If you feel lazy or are in a rush, take off the copper fire-pit, reach down and press the button and a 100,000 BTU burner will light and surround the heat absorbing artificial logs in flame. Instant fire. The gas fire-pit, a Californian concept, is for ambiance, not heat. So, if the wood fire is dying down or you're using the gas fire-pit and the air gets a bit nippy, have no fear. There are adjustable infrared heat lamps, like the ones on the deck, to take away the chill. And of course, the deck and patio are wired for sound that you can turn up to hear when you are in the pool.

Easy entertaining.jpg

The lower level used to have games tables, but many of them are now gone.  There is a kitchenette for convenience with a bulk ice making mini fridge, dual drawer dishwasher & bar sink. The connected rooms are great space for entertainment, open to the patio, have 2 large screen TVs and have several sets of built in speakers.

For anyone who has mobility issues, or has guests or friends who do, the main floor and downstairs level is completely wheelchair accessible via elevator and ramps. The exterior likewise is entirely accessible.