So You're Showing Your House

We all know the expression “caveat emptor”: It’s Latin for “let the buyer beware.”

But the seller needs to be aware too. And that’s never more important than when you’re selling your house.

Listing it is only the first step. Once that’s done, it’s time for your real estate agent to show it. That moment – when strangers first walk through your door – is when the reality of real estate sales first hits.

Because buyers may have very different ideas about your house than you do.

Here’s what you can expect from showings:

  • Your first showing is online. At KMS Partners, we strive to strike a balance between dazzling potential home buyers online, and encouraging a property visit. Our job is to keep potential buyers intrigued, and wanting to come back for more.

  • Clients may not always arrive on time. We try to give you ample notice of a visit, but we’ll often request a time range. Being flexible helps everyone – and is a lot less stressful too.

  • Buyers may cancel at the last moment. Maybe they’re tired. Maybe they’ve just found their dream house. Maybe they’re running late for their plane, or they have to pick up their kid from Grandma’s. Don’t take it personally. It’s no reflection on you!

  • Once they arrive, buyers may not get out of their car. They might not like another house on the street, or they didn’t realize it’s not a cul-de-sac. Again, don’t take this personally. It’s just the way people are.

  • When they visit, it’s human nature for buyers to look for faults. We’re not sure why, but it seems easier to eliminate options (“I could never live with that kitchen”) than to think about possibilities (“Wow, we can really expand and make a great dining nook there!”). It’s our job as realtors – not yours, as the seller – to help them envision how they could love your home as much as you do.

  • Some buyers eliminate a house within two minutes, based on a “feeling.” They don’t even want to see your fabulous full basement, or take in the view from your beautiful deck. Once again: You can’t take it personally. Again: Namaste!

  • Most buyers are respectful about removing shoes, or wearing shoe protectors when entering a home. Having a chair by the front door to slip off shoes, or put on booties, is helpful and thoughtful.

  • Buyers will open closets, cabinets, drawers, appliances and anything else that can be pulled or tugged on. If there’s something you don’t want anyone to find or see – stash it in a very safe place!

  • You should also store any precious items and medications. Enough said!

  • Buyers may ask to use your bathroom. Put yourself in their shoes!

  • The more organized your closets, cabinets and storage spaces are, the better an impression your house will make. Buyers like to see that they can fit all their “stuff” in their new home.

KMS Partners is here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll make this daunting process as manageable as possible. Contact us 203-295-4375 or with any selling — or buying — questions!