NEW LOOK - for #TeamKMS.

When you’re selling your home, KMS Partners advise you to freshen up. New paint, a different rug, some plantings – it’s all about maximizing “curb appeal.”

Not long ago, we took our own advice. We’re not going anywhere – but we decided it was time for a fresh online presence.

Who better to ask than Hardylon? The nationally known branding firm is based locally in Westport. They’re creative and energetic. And – like KMS Partners – they’re fun!

We wanted a new, optimized, high-functionality site that works on all devices. Curb appeal is as important online as it is in real estate. They promised to help.

Buyers today have many options for information. We wanted to provide all that – in easy-to-search ways. But we also wanted a personal touch. It’s important that users get to know the towns, the markets, and the power of #TeamKMS.

(Like that hashtag? It’s part of our new social media presence too!)

One of the key elements was a branding photo shoot. Our own Kim Harizman found a great listing to use for this shoot – modern, open, and very expressive of who we are and what we do. Photographer Pam Einarsen took over from there. Check it out!

Real estate is a people business. It’s important that each agent’s unique personality shines through.

Our routine bios have been replaced with fun Q-and-As. Each of us said some cool things about our years of experience – and our lives. Check ‘em out!

Of course, the revamped KMS listing pages are robust. They provide lots of information, in easily digestible form.

The Town pages help buyers understand the communities we work in. You can even calculate taxes and mortgages.

Most importantly, our story now weaves across all our digital platforms. On Instagram @kmspartners and on Facebook - like our page KMS Partners at Coldwell Banker, Fairfield County CT Realtors —

We love our new, fresh curb appeal.

But don’t take our word for it. Click here to check us out for yourself!