A Few Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Yesterday you were putting away your winter clothes, and cleaning the outdoor furniture. Today you’re picking up the kids from camp. Tomorrow you’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner.While those scenes may not be literally true, they sure seem like our lives today. But take heart. A few precious days remain before summer unofficially ends. If you move fast, you can take advantage of the end of one of New England’s four best seasons.  • Go to one more (or your first) concert at Westport’s Levitt Pavilion, or Fairfield’s Sherman Green gazebo. Get tickets (finally) for a show at the Westport Country Playhouse, Fairfield Theatre Company or Ridgefield Playhouse.  • Plan one more (or your first) picnic at Compo Beach. Then stay for the sunset. It’s worth the wait.  • Take that nature hike you’ve been putting off. There are plenty of preserves and outdoor areas in Fairfield County, with trails ranging from flat to (somewhat) steep.  • Dive into Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium. One of the area’s foremost attractions, it’s worth a trip. And if you’ve been before -- go back!  • Take a sunset cruise. There’s one in Stamford, two in Norwalk. If you really want to get away (but not too far), the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry is a great day trip.  • Play an extra round of golf. It’s not too late this summer to get frustrated!  • Try out that restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to -- the one with outdoor seating. These may be the hot, dog days of summer, but there’s something about al fresco dining that’s very, very cool.

By the way, you can keep all these activities straight by signing up for Burbio. It’s a great way to keep (and sync) local calendars. They send a weekly email too!

Of course, everything this month is not a day at the beach. With school right around the corner, there’s work to be done.  • Back-to-school shopping is never fun. But if you plan it right, at least you can save some money. In Connecticut, August 21-27 is “Tax Free Week.” Clothing and shoes under $300 per item are exempt from state sales tax. Go for it!  • It’s time to sign the kids up for fall programs. Soccer, cheerleading, art, ballet -- whatever it is, there’s probably a deadline looming. Don’t be left out!  • If you’re new to town, don’t forget to register your kids for school. You’ll probably need a lease or copy of your contract to purchase a home as proof of residency (and plenty of medical forms). Check with your local school district for the exact requirements.

If you’ve got any late-summer ideas to add, contact us at 203.454.5411. Then go out and do them. Remember, New Year’s is right around the corner!