Get Ready for Spring

After a very warm September, fall has finally settled in. October is prime time for apple picking, leaf raking and sipping hot chocolate. And of course, preparing your house for the spring market.

That’s right. Just as you’re putting storm windows up, you can’t forget about your screens.

Or your flower beds, roof and chimney.

The more you prepare your home now, the better the end result will be. Getting ready to sell can feel overwhelming. But if you start early and take your time, the process can seem almost seamless.

First, consider a pre-inspection. Your buyer will inspect your house closely. You can learn ahead of time what they will find, then make repairs. It’s the right thing to do – and it may add value to your asking price. (KMS Partners can refer building inspectors to you. Just ask!)

Then, check out your mechanicals. When was your furnace last serviced? Is your hot water tank leaking? Does your humidifier work? Do you have smoke and CO2 detectors, and are they working? (Call us! We have vendors who can help.)

Have you looked at your chimney crown lately? Have you cleaned it? (Yes, we have people who can do that.)

How worn is your roof? What about your roof ridges? (Glad you asked – we’ve got roofer recommendations.)

Of course, you need to clean or flush your gutters. It’s essential to keep rainwater flowing before the ice arrives. (Ask us for names.)

Fall is a great time to paint. It dries easily -- and there’s no humidity or insects to interfere with the results. While you’re at it, you can also paint that red and green dining room a neutral color. (We know some very good painters!)

When were your windows last cleaned? Do it now. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy lovely fall views. (We know the best window washers around.)

For a bigger project, refinish your floors. You might want to take a quick vacation, to minimize the fuss. (KMS Partners knows great floor folks too.)

Do you have bats? (Not as Halloween decorations.) Mice? Are others rodents trying to get into your house, or already nesting? (Our list of professionals can help,)

Don’t forget to trim your trees. Sure, the leaves look pretty -- but tree work is essential. (KMS has a fantastic list of reliable tree workers.)

As you think about pitching, purging and packing, ask yourself: Do I want to pay someone to move this? Do I want to pay to store it? Do I really need this? Order a dumpster. You’ll be amazed how quickly it fills up with stuff you don’t need. (Where do you get a dumpster? Ask us!)

The days are getting shorter. How dark is your home? Do you need to replace light bulbs? (Sorry – that’s about the only thing KMS Partners don’t do.)

It’s clear: We’re happy to help this fall (and any time) as you prepare your house for the market. In the meantime: Happy Halloween!

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