Happy New Year Resolutions!

Wow! Can it be 2017 already? Just yesterday it was, like, Y2K.But it is. Here at KMS Partners, that means it’s time to put away the party hats. Clean up from the office party. And make a few New Year’s Resolutions.

Karen Scott resolves to:  • Consider the “new normal” of real estate exciting -- and help clients share that same excitement.  • Practice what I preach to my clients: Start the new year by clearing the clutter in my house, order a dumpster, donate treasures, refresh décor, tackle the home to-do list, and listen to the advice of stagers and decorators.  • Embrace social media, and make it an integral component of my business plan -- without my sons laughing at me.  • Mentor a new or aspiring agent. I was fortunate to have the best mentors, who shared their wealth of experience and knowledge.  • Convince myself I love writing ad copy and property descriptions.  • Not grumble when my partners suggest a new team photo.  • Encourage KMS Partners to challenge ourselves again and again to exceed the needs of our clients, and maintain our #1 Team status at Coldwell Banker.  • Remember to thank my family and close friends for tolerating me with all the nuisances this 24/7 business demands, and allowing me to enjoy what I love doing.  • Invite anyone to check in with me in 6 months to see how I’m doing with these resolutions. If I’m slacking: Hold me accountable!

Mary Ellen Gallagher’s resolutions are to:  • Step outside my comfort zone, and challenge myself by confronting tasks that intimidate me.  • Learn more this year by attending additional real estate classes, seminars and conferences. I’ll use this added education and training to help become a more knowledgeable Realtor, and provide invaluable experience to my clients.  • Learn and embrace additional types of social media, and actively use them in my business.  • Balance work and family, making time for those who need me -- including my volunteer opportunities.  • Increase my sales volume over 2016.  • Work more efficiently, stay positive, laugh more, and not let the little things drive me crazy.  • Continue to be a team player, always keeping KMS’ priorities in mind while working toward a repeat #1 Team status in 2017.  • Play harder and “keep moving,” as I stick to my early morning exercise routine!

Susan Seath vows to:  • Be thankful every day that I am blessed to have found a career I love.  • Laugh more! It’s easy to let the stress get the best of me.  • Stop bitching about Facebook, and just do it! I know it’s good for my business. So bring it on!  • Be more efficient at my least favorite tasks. Maybe even tackle them first, so I have more time to spend doing what I enjoy.  • Embrace the latest technology -- even if I don’t understand it.  • Keep my work/life balance in check. When I’m really busy, I can’t put “exercise” at the bottom of the list!  • Always be kind -- even if the person I’m interacting with is not.  • Keep the #1 Team status, by challenging all of us to be our best at all times.  • Continue to strive to exceed my clients’ expectations. Happy clients = happy life!

Laurie Morris says she will:  • Find humor in every situation -- no matter what.  • Work smart, and always be kind.  • Manage my business, and not have it manage me.  • Always be guided by the desire to help my clients realize their dreams and goals.  • Keep balance in my personal and work life.  • Help KMS have shorter weekly meetings.

Kim Harizman promises to:  • Continue to offer the very best service to my clients.  • Be a team player, and provide assistance to my KMS Partners in whatever ways I can.  • Increase my sales volume over last year’s numbers, and make every effort to keep KMS the #1 team.  • Maintain a good balance between my work and personal lives.  • Continue my efforts to work with builders and investors on new construction projects.  • Work with integrity.  • Remember to enjoy the great aspects of this exciting business -- and not let the stress and minutia overwhelm me.

David Weber pledges to:  • Attend more office meetings. Without rolling my eyes.  • Recognize unrealistic expectations from sellers and buyers sooner, rather than waste time with them. In other words: lose them quicker.  • Keep my patience when dealing with inexperienced new agents  • Be nice to agents who ignored my showing instructions, and asked to see a house on 30 minutes’ notice (didn’t they see “24 hours” in the showing instructions?).  • Do at least one public open house in 2017. Maybe.  • Not let my pants size expand.

Finally, Sheila Keenan’s New Year’s resolution is…  • To finally get around to making a New Year’s resolution.

Those are our resolutions. What are yours? We’d love to know! Contact us: KMSPartners@gmail.com or 203.454.5411