Hummock Island Oyster Farm Tour ~ Westport, CT


I recently spent a wonderful Friday evening, watching the sunset from the iconic little grey house on Hummock Island in Westport.  Where’s that you might ask?  It’s the little grey house, with the white porch in the middle of Sherwood Mill Pond.  It’s also command central for the Hummock Island Oyster Farm, right here in Westport.  The Northrup Family owns the 82 acres of the Mill Pond, and has since 1857! In fact, they’re the largest land holder in Westport. It all began 1741 when the pond was awarded as a grant from the British King and a hundred or so years later a house was erected on the tiny island which would serve as a residence for the “oyster guard” who kept watch over the surrounding waters.

The tour begins with a short boat ride out to the house. You'll learn all about farming these bivalves from the Northrups & how they’re taking this ancient craft of harvesting oysters into the 21st century.  They’ll even teach you how to shuck an oyster — which is as hard as it looks! If you enjoy slurping fresh briny oysters right out of the water, while the sun sets in front of you, this is an event you won’t want to miss.  Tickets can be purchased through their web site, They’re even on Facebook —

* 2 thoughts: Wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet & don’t forget to pack your own libations.     

Cheers! ~ Mary Ellen Gallagher