Meet Michael Mombello

Now we are eight.

KMS Partners recently welcomed Michael Mombello to our team. Like all our partners, he brings a unique perspective to the office. His diverse background and varied interests complement our own, and strengthen the services we offer our clients. In one way, though, he’s just like the rest of us. Michael is fun! 

His roots in the area run deep. A graduate of Amity High School and Connecticut College, Michael imagined himself in advertising or public relations. But Macy’s offered him a great opportunity, and he spent the next 30 years in fashion retail. He helped grow Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and many other iconic American brands.

He and his wife Julie bought their first house in Westport: a 1926 farmhouse. Since then they’ve lived in four homes, in three distinct neighborhoods. “We fell in love with the town,” he recalls. “The people, the schools, the energy, the beach, Longshore, the Westport Country Playhouse, the Levitt Pavilion, the Memorial Day parade – it was perfect.”

He commuted to New York. Julie taught at Greens Farms Academy. Their kids went there first, then transferred to Staples High School where they starred on the swim team. Julie was very involved in school and church activities. Michael was an active Westport Y Water Rat coach, and now serves on the Westport Historical Society advisory board. History is a theme in his life: The Mombellos’ current home (the Jonathan Burr House) was built in 1799.

After three decades in fashion, Michael was ready for a career change. Real estate seemed a natural fit. He knew Karen Scott and Susan Seath, through their children. He loved KMS’ team approach, ensuring clients access to a wide range of knowledge. Coldwell Banker’s national presence was important to Michael too.

He brings a “skill for looking at a space, and imagining what it could be” to KMS. He did a lot of design work in retail, and traveled around the world. He understands quality, design and value. Given the current staging trend, Michael’s ability to repurpose, and look at things through a different lens, offers a distinct advantage to his clients. In addition, Michael says, “I understand business. And I’m good at listening to what people are looking for. I can help them be flexible, and think outside their boxes.”

At KMS, he is excited about selling Fairfield County – especially Westport. He wants homebuyers to see the “excellent schools, diversity of people, the great culture and the energy of the community.” However, he notes, “I’m not a bull in a china shop. I’m not overly aggressive. I’m more
like a trusted brother or close friend, who gives sound, honest advice.”

Teamwork - Michael Mombello and David Weber_KMS_1111.jpg

So what it is like to be the second male in an office with six women?

Michael laughs. “David Weber has been great. Everyone’s been helpful, with excellent advice. What I love about KMS Partners is that all of us can bring different people in. We’re different ages, with different interests. We know all the area towns. But we’re all on the same team.”

Welcome to ours, Michael!
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