Coldwell Banker and KMS Partners have a great association with NBC’s “Open House New York.” Here’s a special peek inside the very popular show’s recent feature of one of our fantastic properties: the resort-like, 6-acre showcase at 15 Green Acre Lane. Karen Scott does it all. She plays golf, tennis and shuffleboard. She roasts marshmallows by a fire pit. And she does it all while leading millions of television viewers on a lively, fun tour of a spectacularly intriguing home. “Open House NYC” recently aired Karen’s segment, to great praise. But -- as is often true in real estate -- plenty of unseen preparation went into the final product.

A three-person crew arrived from New York early one December morning. Karen was concerned that the Green Acre Lane estate might not look as spectacular then as it does in summer.

She needn’t have worried. Once the unseasonable fog lifted, the temperature rose into the 50s. It was perfect weather to show off the home’s many outdoor charms.

“They wanted me to be the one playing all the sports,” Karen says. “That was fine. I loved playing tennis with Kim, my partner at KMS. She’s a pro, and I’m not.”

Karen laughs. “But I drew the line at basketball.”

It was a busy day. She wore a different outfit for every activity: on the home’s golf holes, tennis court and shuffleboard court. There were several takes for each shot: outside, and in the luxurious dining room, sprawling kitchen and well-stocked wine cellar.

Karen -- who wrote the script, then revised it throughout the day -- delivered her lines well. Sometimes though, the director asked her to emphasize one word (“divine!”) differently.

Some of the scenes required multiple takes. In mid-sentence, Karen would hear “Cut!” In their very sensitive headsets, the crew would hear -- way in the background -- a dog bark or a plane fly overhead. “I never heard it,” Karen said. “But they did!”

Karen got along well with the “Open House NYC” folks. They were fun and encouraging -- and very professional.

“We see our share of houses,” one told her. “But we really love this one!”

“You say that all the time,” she joked.

“No we don’t!” the crew member countered.

In the weeks following, editors turned the day-long shoot into a 5-minute episode. They added pulsing music and graphics. Finally, it was ready.

The show drew raves, from friends and strangers. Many Westporters were surprised to learn that such a dramatic property was located just a mile from downtown.

Reflecting on her star turn, Karen says, “It was a pleasure and honor to showcase our KMS listing. And it was quite an experience!”

Indeed it was. For her -- and for viewers everywhere, who love “Open House NYC.”

To see the 15 Green Acre Lane “Open House NYC” episode, click here.