O-Living Experience Offers Much More Than Meets The Eye

Tucked away down a gentle hill in Fairfield, with stunning backyard woods that include a bridle trail, lies a gorgeous new home. The 5-bedroom Colonial on 1.34 acres has it all: 9-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, balconies, a huge mudroom, walk-out basement and fantastic kitchen features.

But it’s everything you don’t see that makes this one of the most unique home on the market.

The Butternut Lane home is the latest offering from Chris O’Dell. The owner of O-Living Experience has one mission: to build high-quality homes that cost less than all others to maintain and operate, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint while increasing comfort.

O’Dell’s approach draws raves from everyone. Some buyers love his handcrafted millwork or unique interior finishes.

Others appreciate the double-thick exterior walls, packed with twice the insulation of most homes. That hidden-from-view touch provides exceptional interior temperature retention, and superb soundproofing.

The new Fairfield house also includes an interior/exterior ventilation system. The constant recirculation of fresh air results in vastly superior indoor air quality.

This tight “thermal envelope,” coupled with tankless hot water heaters, LED lighting and other innovations, creates an astonishing energy efficiency that helps owners save thousands of dollars a year.

“Nearly everyone else builds to code,” O’Dell says. “We go way beyond that, in everything from indoor air quality to site management. Our construction costs are a little higher. But the payback is huge.”

The builder adds proudly, “Our fixtures are high quality. But so are the bones of the home.”

O’Dell knows that not every homebuyer appreciates those touches they can’t see. And, he says, not every Realtor understands his engineering approach.

But every KMS partner does. That’s why we are so excited to show off this Butternut Lane home.

And every other one built so intelligently and soundly, by O-Living Experience.

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