Online and Off

You can find anything online: The perfect wedding dress. Your former college roommate. A house. But that doesn’t mean you should stay online forever.

Long before the ceremony, you need to touch, feel and see that dress. It’s a lot more satisfying to have drinks with your old roommate, than simply emailing. And even though you can see a house on your laptop, you still need a real, live, human real estate agent to seal the deal. (Hey, even Amazon is now building brick-and-mortar stores -- staffed with actual people!)

And to help in many other ways.

Buying a house is often the most important financial transaction you’ll make in your life. There are many reasons you should trust it to a person, not a pixel.

For example, we can help with pricing. Sure, you can find it online. But what does that price mean? Is it fair? What about comparables? Is there room for negotiation?

We’re there when you walk through the front door of a house. You might have done all your research on your screen. But you need to learn: Can you hear I-95 or Merritt traffic through that other screen (the porch)? What does the neighborhood look and feel like? And real estate agents can point out nuances you might not notice, like dead trees standing dangerously close to the bedrooms.

A real estate agent can assist with all the transaction details you may never think about (or find online): contingencies, including mortgage, appraisal and building inspections, and binders and deposits.

If you’re selling a home – sure, you can list it on an online site. But photographs are no substitute for a Realtor who can point out where a fresh coat of paint can add thousands of dollars to the price, or suggest a stager who will add even more.

And you sure can’t close a sale online. In Connecticut, the only way to secure title insurance is through an attorney.

At KMS Partners, we embrace technology. The internet has made our lives – and our work – easier, and more productive. Today we’d be lost without our laptops.

But technology is only a tool. It helps us – human beings – be better at what we do.

Which is providing personal service to our clients. Whether you are buying a home or selling one, we’re here to help.

And we’ll be there for you after the closing too – when the listing is long gone from the web.

After all, this is our town too. We moved here thanks in part to real estate agents who looked out for us, and sold us homes we loved for all the right reasons.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Now log off your computer, pick up your (cell)phone, and call KMS Partners. We’re excited to meet you, face to face. We’ll answer your questions. We’ll even buy you coffee.

Take that, Zillow!

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