Our Great Move!

A little over six months ago, KMS Partners joined Compass. To be honest, it wasn’t just a good move. It was a great one!

 Before the move, we knew our clients would benefit from Compass’ cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing efforts. We were sure we’d be supported by forward-thinking, energetic and seasoned agents. Throughout the real estate world, Compass is known as the future of the industry.

 All of our expectations have been met -- and surpassed. We are excited to share some of our favorite Compass features with you.

 Compass’ culture emphasizes collaboration. That’s always been a hallmark of KMS Partners. Now, though, we work with a national network of agents, enthusiastic marketers, experienced career coaches and social media gurus. All are filled with that same spirit of sharing and helping. Every day, we learn something from them. (They learn from us too!)

 With Compass’ version of a company-wide social media site, we all trade stories. We ask for recommendations and referrals. We get info first and fast -- before it’s released to the general public via MLS and other listing services. We’ve developed a real community online.

 We love Compass’ game-changing Concierge Program. Compass advances the funds to allow sellers to prepare their homes for sale.  This can range from painting, staging, landscaping and more.  One client already used it to make $16,000 in home renovations. The house sold in two weeks!

 It didn’t take long to learn the power of Compass’ custom data dashboard. It’s easy to see -- and show clients -- exactly how the market reacts to the current list price of a home. Concrete data helps us quickly tweak our digital campaigns. Through the dashboard, buyers and sellers also realize how wide Compass’ reach really is.

 Many clients were already familiar with Compass in New York City and other major markets. As they start looking for homes in Connecticut, the transition is seamless.

Change is never easy. But working for such a dynamic young company, with its infectious positive energy, entrepreneurial attitude and can-do philosophy, energized all of us. We embraced the learning curve. Soon we were looking at the real estate world through new, digital eyes.

 On a personal level, Compass is also a great fit for KMS Partners. They are very respectful of our experience, local knowledge and professionalism. And our results continue to impress — 29 completed transactions thus far in 2019, a volume of just under $40 million; 10 pending transactions and 32 active listings.

 Can you feel our excitement? Want to learn more? Just call us 203.295.4375; email kmspartners@compass.com -- or this fall, stop in to our new office, the handsome new building at 54 Wilton Road, Westport. Our fabulous view of the Saugatuck River is just one more reason we’re so glad that KMS Partners and Compass are now a full-time team!