Top 10 Reasons to Love Wilton

10. The Wilton YMCA – officially a branch of the Riverbrook Regional YMCA – is one of the focal points of town. Centrally located on Route 7, directly across the street from Wilton High School, it’s a hub of activity from dawn until well past dusk. A particular point of pride is the Wilton Wahoos, a nationally recognized swim team.

9. A grocery story is a grocery store, right? Not if it’s the Village Market. This is exactly the kind of grab-a-cup-of-coffee, meet-your-neighbor, we’ll-take-your-bags-to-the-car kind of place that changes a shopping chore into a favorite experience.

8. Speaking of food in Wilton Center, there’s a large selection of restaurants. You’ll be surprised at the number of dining options in a town this size – and the wide variety of cuisines. Find your favorite; then discover more!

7. The Woodcock Nature Center is a private, non-profit source of environmental education. Combining public outreach, school field trips, on-site birthday parties and summer camps, the 149 acres of state-protected land includes a pond, wetlands and 3 miles of trails (with an Everglades-style boardwalk). The center is home to snakes, frogs, lizards and a remarkable variety of birds. It’s open sunrise to sunset, every day of the year.

6. For a lively suburban town, Wilton still honors its rural past. Town-owned, 200-year-old Ambler Farm offers organic gardens and meadows, animals, a seasonal farm stand, hands-on learning programs, sustainable agricultural practices and favorite events like maple syruping, cooking classes, a summer program for kids and “Ambler Farm Day.”

5. Speaking of farms: Weir Farm is a national historic site dedicated to the life and work of impressionist painter J. Alden Weir. It also commemorates other artists who stayed there, including John Singer Sargent. Weir Farm sponsors an artist-in-residence program, as well as “Take Part in Art,” where visitors create their own works on site.

4. And speaking of programs: Wilton Library provides everything from knitting classes and a Minecraft club to story hours for babies. There’s a drive-up window, so you can pick up books you order online. But make sure to go inside: There are rotating art exhibits, and the building is beautiful!

3. Wilton’s athletic and recreation facilities are second to none. Among the 209 acres: Merwin Meadows Park (swimming pond, athletic field, picnic facilities, playground, basketball court); Middlebrook (multi-purpose fields), Allen’s Meadows (6 fields); Gilbert and Bennett (fields, playground); Comstock Community Center (indoor facilities, 2 lighted basketball courts, athletic fields) – and fantastic lighted turf fields, tennis courts (and more!) at Wilton High School.

2. The Wilton Historical Society is best known for its toy, tool, train, redware and textile collections, its period rooms and an archive of paper works. They’ve also carefully preserved and maintained 18 buildings from the 18th and 19th century. History truly comes alive in this town that dates back to 1640.

1. The Norwalk River Trail is an ongoing project. When finished, 38 miles of multi-purpose trail will pass through Wilton, from Norwalk all the way north to Danbury. Already, it provides great recreation for walkers, hikers, cyclists, kids and pets – as well as a green transportation alternative for reaching the train station, schools, offices and businesses.

There’s lot more to love – and learn – about Wilton. Contact KMS Partners at 203-295-4375 or email us at info@kmspartners@.com