Weekend Homeowners

One of the best parts of being a KMS realtor is that we never know who will walk through the door.

Take for example two longtime Bronxville, New York residents. Every summer they bought an out-of-town pass for Compo. They spent as much time as they could at their favorite Connecticut beach.

At last, they decided to buy a weekend home in Westport. They looked for a l-o-n-g time. Finally, they found a house and land they loved in the Old Hill section. They moved in in June.

One of the couple commutes to New York each day. However, they marvel at their new life. Some weekends they entertain friends; others they spend quietly together.

Both say that the wait for a place they love makes their new home even sweeter.

They’re part of what we call “weekend homeowners.” Some are testing the waters before they commit to living here full-time. Others just enjoy having a getaway. All share a desire for a slice of something different from their weekday existence, on highly valued weekends.

Westport has always attracted a creative, artsy, spirited crowd. Some come from New York, or other cities. Others live in smaller towns, but want access to the water.

Shopping, restaurants, music and theater are prized attractions too. Then there’s that hard-to-describe Westport vibe that many suburban places lack.

KMS worked recently with a Brooklyn family with two girls. The parents had gone to college in New England. Every summer, they rented a beach house.

This year -- after several subpar experiences on Long Island -- some friends mentioned Westport. The family tried Beachside Avenue.

They fell in love with the town and its vibe. They could not believe how much there was to do. (The views from the patio were not too shabby either!)

Now, they’re looking for a home to buy. If they can’t find the right place, they’ll rent the same house again -- and keep looking.

Weekend homeowners come in all sizes and varieties. Some are young families. Others are empty nesters, or people entering a new phase of life.

Whoever they are, and wherever they come from, KMS Partners is ready to show them a weekend place.

And, once they love it, we’re happy to help them move here for good!