The Neighborhoods of Westport

You think you’re looking for a home in Westport. But here at KMS Partners, we’re talking about Old Hill, Coleytown, The Hunt Club and Saugatuck Shores. What’s going on?! Like any town, Westport is really a collection of neighborhoods. Some are defined by history, others by school boundaries. Some names come from realtors, the result of new development.

Neighborhoods -- also called “market areas” -- provide a shorthand for buyers (and sellers), making a good-sized town more manageable. They’re a way to highlight certain features, helping buyers target their search. For example, “Old Hill” signifies “historic” and “close to town,” while “Compo Beach” indicates (duh) water and (generally) smaller lots.

Neighborhoods change over time. The allure of beach communities diminished after a few storms. Now -- with more FEMA-compliant homes -- they’re back. The installation of sewers helped Saugatuck Shores become more popular. The new Bedford Square development is making “In-town” attractive.

Coleytown was once noted for its most famous resident, Paul Newman. Greens Farms was famous for Martha Stewart. Both are gone, so those market areas are known for other reasons.

Here’s a quick guide to Westport’s neighborhoods. Of course -- like San Francisco weather -- there are micro-neighborhoods within each. Talk to us -- we’re happy to tell you more!

Coleytown. Known for its “country appeal,” including estate-like properties. Parts of Coleytown have 2-acre zoning. The Aspetuck and Saugatuck Rivers flow through this bucolic, serene section of Westport. Clinton Avenue and its many side streets are close to downtown, offering “in-town” conveniences.

Compo Beach. A “hot” area, with high demand and escalating prices. The lifestyle here is informal, based around water and recreation. New construction continues at a brisk pace, while other homes are being raised to meet FEMA standards.

Compo Commons. Called “Gault” by locals and long-standing residents, this newer development is popular with young families. Like Compo Beach, homes are relatively close together -- making it a premier trick-or-treating neighborhood at Halloween.

Compo South. A newer designation: not quite beach, not quite Compo Commons, not quite Saugatuck. But a desirable enclave nonetheless, incorporating features of all those others.

Greens Farms. Westport’s very first neighborhood, dating back to the 1600s. Many historic homes remain. With a train station, post office, beach, an excellent elementary school, easy access to I-95 -- and killer views -- this is one of Westport’s largest and most popular market areas.

Hunt Club. A relatively new designation, showcasing homes surrounding the broad lawns of the Fairfield County Hunt Club. Being part of the Long Lots school district (see below), adds to its appeal.

In-town. As downtown Westport kicks into high gear -- adding restaurants and the new Bedford Square complex -- buyers of all demographics are moving in. The opportunity to walk to town, from handsome homes on safe streets, is particularly alluring.

Long Lots. With 1970s colonials, new construction in a variety of price ranges, and (mostly) 1-acre zoning, this neighborhood offers a lot for everyone. Close proximity to 3 schools -- Long Lots Elementary, Bedford Middle and Staples High -- is a special attraction.

Old Hill. Like Greens Farms, this is a historic neighborhood with well-maintained homes. Though convenient to downtown, it stands apart from it (on -- of course -- a hill).

Red Coat. This market area is close to the Merritt Parkway and downtown, yet beloved for its privacy and wooded beauty.

Saugatuck. The original commercial center of Westport, later a tight-knit Italian neighborhood, Saugatuck has enjoyed a recent renaissance. With a river, railroad, I-95, and a bustling retail and restaurant scene, it’s among the town’s most active areas.

Saugatuck Shores. Wedged between a lagoon and Long Island Sound, this was once dotted with tiny homes. Many have been renovated or rebuilt. Today Saugatuck Shores is as close to Cape Cod as Westport gets. It may be Westport’s most unique neighborhood -- and definitely closest to the water.

Saugatuck Island. A new designation, describing and island just past Saugatuck Shores.

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