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The keywords for realtor David Weber? Service, marketing, market knowledge, attention to detail, and good relationships. A 23-year veteran in the Fairfield County real estate business, David's background—as a musician, business owner and now top agent—suggests a consistent theme of client care. Passionate about the challenges that the business presents, David especially enjoys navigating through the transaction process. "When I started my real estate career 23 years ago, it became apparent to me that there was no mystery to this business. It is about trust! Clients who work with me find a trusted advocate, putting their best interests first, and many have become repeat customers and friends."

Indeed, clients who work with David find he is that trusted advocate, putting their needs above all else —whether a buyer or a seller. A partner of the founding Compass Westport team and having lived on both coasts, and off the mainland in Hawaii, David has a broad appreciation for real estate, its local-ness and the many challenges relocating represents. Particularly hands-on and proactive, David is a 24-year resident of Weston, CT where he was a founding member for the Town of Weston's Team for Sustainability. David is currently a board member for the Weston Kiwanis Club and a Trustee for the Weston Historical Society.

~ Q & A with David ~

Why did you choose real estate as a career?

During a class in meditation I finally stopped the endless chatter in my mind long enough to allow a clear message to come through. I had asked myself many times what I should do as my career in the music business was clearly over as the industry had changed so much. The answer came in a flash with three words for a career choice that never had crossed my mind before “Go Sell Houses.” It was divine inspiration. God made me do it.

What do clients love most
about working with you and
the KMS Partners?

They love that there is a team to support marketing their homes with increased marketing services and uninterrupted service if I’m not available.
With 130 years of collective experience, a buyer or seller can feel confident that they will get a quick response, sage advice and insightful opinions on the market.

What is your favorite outing in the main communities
served by KMS Partners?

Westport—Sherwood Island

Weston—Devil’s Den

Wilton—Cactus Rose for happy hour

And for your
selling client?


If you could give one short
piece of advice to your
buying client?

Look at as many homes as possible and think about the lifestyle each town and neighborhood offers beyond the features of each house.
If you have children check out the school systems carefully and also the locations of homes you consider as someone will be the driver for before and after school activities.
Do a pre-list inspection and eliminate any health, safety or environmental issues that could slow down or stop a transaction.
Make the approach to your front door look inviting with fresh plantings and flowers, de-clutter, clear out closets of unnecessary items to make them look larger, and paint over any dark wall colors with neutral tones.

How have you seen the market change
in your time as a broker?

The market changes every day so having a team with all the different perspectives and experiences is invaluable.

What do you wish you
knew when you sold
your first home?

What do you wish you knew when you bought your
first home?

Do all the inspections and that not all home inspectors are good. Your agent knows the best ones.
That paint is cheap and staging a home can make a huge difference. And remember that old saying: “The first offer is often the best offer”.

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