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With a passion for real estate and a background as a project
manager for a large residential and commercial contractor in
Fairfield County, Mary Ellen Gallagher is known for her focus and expertise in the local market. With a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance, before moving to Westport, Mary Ellen managed client relationships for New York City financial institutions and taught business in the International Baccalaureate Program in Basel, Switzerland. Her long involvement volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, A Better Chance of Westport, the National Charity League, Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport and the Westport schools' PTA have given her a deep understanding of our local communities. She harnesses these varied experiences to deftly guide first-time buyers, down-sizers, up-sizers and re-locators with equal ease.

~ Q & A with Mary ellen ~

Why did you choose real estate as a career?

Real estate is a good fit for me in several ways. I have a strong analytical
and finance background, am a hard worker, a good listener and am very
detail oriented. I’m a very social person and love the Fairfield County
lifestyle. All of these traits seem to blend well together for a successful
career in real estate. It’s a people business!

What is your most memorable real estate transaction?

Representing buyers who were purchasing a weekend home on the water in Westport. The entire transaction had multiple levels of inspections & issues (experts needed for pool, dock, tidal & coastal wetlands, reconstructed sea walls, raising a house for FEMA compliance, contractors, town officials, etc). KMS coordinated all of these professionals as our clients were not local. It was a steep learning curve but I loved the challenge despite it being very complicated and tedious. In the end, our clients were successful and thrilled to have purchased this beautiful property!

What do clients love most
about working with you and
the KMS Partners?

I have been told countless times that I’m a very good listener and far from pushy. I sense what my clients like/dislike as we delve into the inventory and work through a transaction. I’m very efficient with everyone’s time & because I make the effort to learn what is important to my clients, I do not waste their time. We, at KMS, are also very experienced and skilled at real estate transactions. We all have an in-depth knowledge of the inventory and marketplace. I can confidently say that any one of my partners can step in for me to provide excellent service, guidance and market knowledge. And I can do the same for them.
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What is your favorite outing in the main communities
served by KMS Partners?

Westport—the annual Blues, Views & BBQ at the Levitt Pavillion, the outdoor art festival in July as well as time spent at Compo Beach including walking dogs on the beach during the colder months; beach BBQs with friends & family during the summer; book club discussions at summer sunsets and time spent on our boat at Compo Marina.
Weston—hiking in Devil’s Den
Fairfield—enjoying concerts at Fairfield Theater Company, take out from The Pantry and motoring into Southport Harbor at sunset by boat.
Norwalk—the Oyster Festival and biking on the Norwalk River Trails.
Wilton—grabbing a bite at The Village Market.

And for your
selling client?

If you could give one short piece of advice to your buying client?

Use an experienced agent (preferably one who has lived in that community), with in depth market knowledge and proven contacts for services, inspectors, mortgage brokers, etc.
Listen to your agent! We understand what’s trending in the market and how buyers will be approaching your home/the transaction. We understand the inventory that has sold and how this affects pricing. We’ve become experts in this area.

How have you seen the market change
in your time as a broker?

The growth of the internet has really changed the market. There is so much information at everyone’s finger tips. It’s not 100% accurate, but everyone is quite knowledgeable. Social media has also put a lot of pressure on agents to sell themselves & to promote their inventory. Do we sell the lifestyle? Or the actual house? Or a blend of both? These are aspects that we work through all the time. There is still a strong need to find an expert in your neighborhood to help guide you through the buy/sell process. We are that expert!

What do you wish you
knew when you sold your
first home?

What do you wish you
knew when you bought your
first home?

To have been a little bit less conservative on what we could have initially afforded.
Actually, I was not part of that process. As a returning ex-pat, our relocation company did all the work! But this has given me first hand insight into what a family experiences when they are transferred into a brand new community, even a new country!

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