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A highly respected and productive member of KMS Partners and the Fairfield County real estate communities, Laurie, a Weston resident for over 30 years, is a founding member of KMS Partners.

 A strong believer in giving back to her community—serving on the boards of the Weston Young Woman’s Club, the United Way, Weston’s Commission for the Elderly and the Weston Town Scholarship Committee. Laurie was an elected member and co-chair of the Weston Board of Assessment Appeals and a member of the Aspetuck Valley Country Club. For snowbirds looking to head south, Laurie is well connected with the East Coast of Florida real estate community.

As the mother of 3 grown children and grandmother of eight — spare moments find Laurie on the fields watching grandchildren’s soccer and baseball games or sitting in a gym watching basketball, where she is the “go to” source for all things real estate.

A partner of the founding Compass Westport team, Laurie embraces life and loves what she does — and is excited for this next chapter for KMS Partners – marrying the community–based style KMS is well-known for, with the cutting-edge technology around which Compass Westport is built. 


~ Q & A with Laurie ~

Why did you choose real estate as a career?

I very much enjoy meeting new people and helping them settle in a new house. I chose real estate as a career because I grew up moving a lot and still love the feeling of a fresh start.


What do clients love most
about working with you and
the KMS Partners?

Clients appreciate my patience and enjoy my sense of humor. They love the fact that we all support each other, as a team at KMS Partners too.

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What is your most memorable real estate transaction?

My most memorable transaction? It would have to be the opportunity to get to know Robert Redford, as a realtor and to sponsor him for membership at the Aspetuck Valley Country Club.

What do you wish you
knew when you bought
your first home?

When we bought our first home I was way too emotional. I loved it and I had to have it. Bad combo!

What do you also wish you
knew when you sold
your first home?

I wish that I had known then that we would not make money on all of our properties!

What are your favorite outings in the towns
served by KMS Partners?

Westport—Compo Beach and Longshore Golf
Weston—Peter’s Market, Devil’s Den and Aspetuck Valley Country Club
Fairfield—Walks on the beaches, Gaelic American Club and Fairfield Theatre Company
Norwalk—Sono and Sunset Grill, both on the water
Wilton—Village Market and Ambler Farm

And for your
selling client?

What's your advice to
your buying client?

Prioritize your wish list and realize that life is full of tradeoffs.
Try to take the emotion out of selling your home. You need to look at your home as a house and a commodity. You cannot underprice your home, but you can under expose it.

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