The Community and Culture


Recognized as a parish in 1726, today's Wilton offers hints of its colonial farming roots by maintaining open spaces to preserve its heritage. In 1999 a beautiful 200 year-old working farm was purchased by the town as part of its open-air initiative.  Along with community events, Ambler Farm now provides active-learning programs, sustainable agriculture and responsible land stewardship. A second farm, maintained by the National Park Service, celebrates Wilton's artistic legacy. This National Historic Site, Weir Farm, commemorates the life and work of J. Alden Weir and other artists who made this farm their rural retreat.

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Hundreds of preserved 18th and 19th century homes scattered among modern estates, make Wilton an attractive community for executives at the numerous successful businesses in Wilton and within a thirty mile radius. A vibrant town center with several restaurants, retail stores, grocery store and movie theater complement the "old" town center anchored by the Wilton Public Librarya hub of activity for all.

Educational Facilities 

Niche.com ranks Wilton School District 5th in Connecticut and 149th in the nation on its list of 2018 Best School Districts in America. Further demonstrating commitment to education, Wilton residents are active in the Wilton Educational Foundationsupporting music, the arts and beyond-the-classroom experiences—and Wilton Continuing Education—offering before/after school care and clubs as well as adult education. Wilton's approximately 4,000 students attend 4 different schools, each supported by a strong PTA.

  • Miller-Driscoll (PreK-2nd Grade)

  • Cider Mill (3rd-5th Grade)

  • Middlebrook School (6th-8th Grade)

  • Wilton High School (9th-12th Grade)

Wilton is home to several nursery schools and two private elementary schools. The Montessori School offers experiential and personalized learning for children from 14 months through the sixth grade. A faith-based private day school, Our Lady of Fatima School is a National Blue Ribbon School, serving pre-school students through Grade 8.

Recreational Facilities 


Wilton's Parks and Recreation department is housed in the Comstock Community Center where preschool through senior activities are held and through which Wilton's 200+ acres of developed recreational facilities are managed. Town favorite 17-acre Merwin Meadow Park contains a swimming pond, picnic facilities and athletic fields. Other non-profit agencies such as Wilton Little League and Wilton Soccer Association offer programming for Wilton's youth. And from archery through Zumba, the Wilton Family YMCA has activities for all ages.



Wilton has two railroad stations on the Danbury Line of Metro-Northtown center and Cannondale. The train provides direct service to Norwalk (8 mins), Stamford (15 mins), Greenwich (25mins), and NY City's Grand Central Station (70 mins) to the south; New Haven and Boston to the north. The Norwalk Transit District "7 Link" bus route runs between Norwalk and Danbury along the Route 7 corridor. 

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