A Collaborative team

KMS Partners, founded in 1999, is an exclusive partnership with more than 140 years of collective experience in residential real estate. At KMS Partners, we understand—real estate is about people, not just houses. Our primary goal is to provide the superior service and honest, insightful advice that, we believe, each and every client expects and deserves.

We work for you. It's that simple. Our client-centric approach gives you a dedicated lead agent who will work specifically with you, plus the support of seven other partners.

Because we work collaboratively, you benefit from our knowledge, unique skills and collective wisdom. As a team, we work together, to help you navigate the entire process, getting your deal to the closing table.

Within the KMS Partners team, you will find:

  • Skilled negotiators—to get you the best possible deal

  • Financial acumen—to assess buyer qualifications and anticipate other factors that may make or break the sale of your home; to help buyers understand their purchasing power as it relates to a particular property

  • Decor knowledge—to recommend appropriate staging, ensuring your home shows well and photographs beautifully for important visual marketing materials

  • Marketing savvy—to give your home proper exposure in print, online and on social media

  • Responsive customer service—to ensure you have access to the newest and best properties—KMS Partners is always available!

  • Thorough researchers—to uncover the best properties to meet your needs; to properly price your home for sale within your time frame

  • Construction knowledge—to assist with land purchases, new construction or home inspection findings

  • Relocation specialists—to make settling in Fairfield County a breeze with multi-lingual capabilities, experience living abroad/out-of-state and insights gained from our active community involvement

KMS Partners - the top agents, ideas + perspectives - we work together to give you the best possible real estate experience

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